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Overview of sboddy "slackware repository" (made by SlackBuild)
SBoddy repository

This project is a "SlackBuilds repository" for anyone who use the slackware distrib ( or slackware like ) with the current version.

Each of the packages available for the community is build with the project tools :
Exemple of well known repositories :

These packages are available with the "slackpkgplus" tool that help the user to keep updated its installation from officials and third-party repositories :

To use it, you have to add these lines in the slackpkg+ configuration files :

Example of packages available :
  • webmin
  • flatpak
  • openfortivpn
  • teams (extracted from debian official package)


Slackware is a Registered Trademark of Slackware Linux, Inc.
Linux is a Registered Trademark of Linus Torvalds.